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Various (mostly shoujo-related) items for sale

Since I'm very much running out of money right now, I have decided to sell some of the anime/manga stuff I no longer can afford keeping. Some are pretty rare to come by these days, so just follow the cut for pictures and details ^_^

--- Keychains & stickers ---

Title: Sailor Moon english release keychains - Inner Senshi (Usagi SOLD)

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Item condition: NEW
Notes: Each keychain itself measures about 8.5 x 6 cm. Very good quality, these are the prettiest BSSM keychains I have ever seen. ^^
Price: 4.99 $ (sold separately)

Title: Sailor Moon anime stickers

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Item condition: NEW
Notes: Each ark measures about 10/11 x 6.5 cm.
Price: 0.99 $ (sold separately - whole set incl. shipping for $3)

--- Artbooks ---

Title: Original CLAMP Softcover Artbook - Chobits - Your Eyes Only

Cover: Back: Inside pic #1: Inside pic #2: (click for larger images)
Item condition: Near-mint (only read it once + once more when I took these pictures, and it was stored in it's original plastic wrapping during that whole time)
Notes: This is a STUNNING artbook! Normally I'd never have sold it away, but I really need money right now and don't care for Chobits anymore, so... The book has approx 120 pages, was released in 2003.
Price: 19.99 $

--- CD Single---

Title: Ah! My Goddess: Kimi wo Kaerarenai, Boku ga Tsutawaranai single (c/w Tenrankai no E)

Cover: Back: (click for larger images)
Item Condition: BRAND NEW. This CD has never been played, in fact, it has never even been taken out of it's plastic package (as you can see from the pics).
Notes: Released 1997.08.07, catalogue nr: PCDG-00094, and is sung by Kikuko Inoue, Touma Yumi and Hisakawa Aya (GFC). You can see more info here.
Price: 4.99 $

--- Manga ---

Title: Hyper Rune Volume #1

Cover: Back: (click for larger images)
Item condition: Good (although there is some wear on the cover - you can see it in the pic)
Notes: Originally a member of CLAMP, the world's best selling manga studio, Tamayo Akiyama has released this manga under her own name ^^ This is the TokyoPop edition of the first volume, about 188 pages long.
Price: 3.99 $

--- Shipping and payment ---

If you are interested in any of these, just leave a comment to this post or e-mail me at, and I will provide you with all the details. Payments will be via PayPal.

If someone else claims an item you want before you, make an offer with the most you're willing to pay, and I'll consider it. I will accept offers until the end of this week.

I ship internationally from Sweden, Europe (so if you live here, shipping will be VERY cheap). Otherwise, shipping cost will depend on the weight and location. My estimates for some of the items are below:

- 3$ for the single.
- 7$ for one manga volume
- 14-17$ for one or two artbooks combined.

I have 100 % positive feedback on eBay. If you have any questions about any of the items, just ask and I'll do my best to answer ^^

Other items:

- I also have the following available:

* Takeuchi Naoko's Cherry Project manga (all volumes)
* Volume 7 of the Gothic & Lolita Bible magazine

Contact me if you're interested!

- I'm also selling a LOT of shounen anime-related doujinshi in the other entries of this journal (tanjun_na_asobi), and am more than willing to combine the items there with those on this page. ^^

Thanks a lot for looking, and good luck! ^.^
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